Happy Birthday Leroy Butthead.

My beautiful son, Leroy, is turning 3 on Wednesday. In order to celebrate we threw him the birthday party of all birthday parties.

We all watched on (nicholas watched even harder) as he downed his delicious Poochini at the Shake Shack.

Leroy says: I know my mom guilt tripped you all into coming to my party, but I don't care because Kalen and Nicholas tie-dyed me this beautiful american apparel v neck muscle T(they're from williamsburg...) and jayne got me this giant cheeseburger toy. Thank you all for coming. It was my best birthday yet.


Alex said...

ACK! i forgot it was his birthday dinner tonight. i was lost in brooklyn at another birthday dinner for a much bigger dog.

Murdo said...

crazy dog ladies

Hima said...

happy birthday DOG. also, you're now on my blogroll.

ghersionmyjersey said...

sorry i missed your party, little butt. i miss you.

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