Leroy ate a toy like this.

then (thank god) it came out his butt.



Jenn's Dream Baby #30


while we were out...

jenn: you don't even know what the dogs did with the paper today.
vagbab: oh they read it? i see leroy as a ny post kinda dog.

shut the front door vol. 5


Jenn's Field Trip #29


Leroy's Life



dont disapoint us lebron


Busty got his balls cut off.

today he got his stitches out and he has no need for the cone anymore.


Jenn's Dream Pizza #28

thanks Senor Jargon


only in new york.

ive lived in nyc for 5.5 years now and have been stopped at a train stop about a million times. but this was certainly a first. i was on my way home tonight and the train stopped at 42nd street. after 15 minutes i was like, "what the fuck?" i heard some commotion and walked off the train and saw this dude.
he was walking on and off the train and the cops were just letting him do his thing and telling us to back the eff up. he was clearly unarmed. i had no idea why they were so afraid to go near him.apparently before i saw him he was swinging at them and he peed in his hands and drank it. luckily i missed that part. eventually he walked back on the train and they locked him in and called for serious backup.then a train came and i have no idea what happened next.


a cullinary tour of new jersey.

me, jayne, leroy, rufus and jessica went out to miranda nature camp for the weekend. we left the dogs to do their thing...printed out mapquest directions..and drove 30 minutes to test out new jersey's publix competitors. first we got subs and wawa and they were AWESOME.then we tried out wegmans which is top 3 grocery stores in the nation (obviously publix is top 3 also). and that was also AWESOME.
we love new jersey.
(publix is still the best)


we no longer have a gigantic box in our living room

but what we do have is a tandem bike.


busted by hypemachine

im obsessed with the katy perry / snoop song (listen to it twice before you judge me). so embaressing...


It's philly night on mtv jams

we've been watching boyz ii men videos for the last 15 minutes and nobody will let jerry juice change the channel.


Busty lost his head




hes so sneaky.

apparently busty snuck off behind our backs to pose in an ad for animal care and control of nyc.

Jenn's Dream Dog Walker # 27

A tie-dyed thank you to Lindsay


Overheard in 52w14 #22

"wow, phish's website has really bad SEO"-jenn

this ones for you toby....

shut the front door vol. 4


whose the better bff?

someone gave me a reeses peanut butter cup this morning. i asked if i could have two (one for jenn) and i put them in my secret hiding spot in the freezer at work so we can enjoy them later.
"woah, thanks. that makes me feel bad though because I made frozen OJ this morning. And then like an hour later, I thought to myself, man, I should have made lex one."-Jenn


a sunday feast without jenn

on sundays jenn cooks me feasts. jenn is in california on this particular sunday.
jenny, please come back?


Remember when our living room had no windows?

well not any more suckassssss


Things we learned at The Runaways Premier:

(photo cred: jacky)
1. i still love k stew.
2. dakota fanning (who i also love) has boobies now
3. joan jett is the NICEST person on the planet


Jenn's Dream BFFs #26

Thanks to our super famous blogger friend Jeff




i gots me a new toy

for reasons i will never understand, this georgous device was left in the kitchen of my office for anyone to take. not only is she hot pink bedazzled, but she also lights up blue.i will call her paris hilton....so what if she doesn't work?


A long awaited Reunion

Last night we sat all the way up in section four hundred and twenty three for the Jay Z concert. Unlike us, Jessica and jen (ghersi, not heinen) sat in the VERY FIRST ROW.Lucky for jessica, Lil Wayne set the court room on fire so he could postpone his jailtime one day so he could come on stage. She knows him really well.<---you MUST click on that link


the zipper on my hoody broke.

then i got stuck in it (real bad).then jenn laughed so hard at me, her contact fell out.

ps: all of this happened when we were sharing the worlds tiniest dressing room with about 10 strangers right outside.


Morpheus gave us a work from home day

(buster and jenn are not pictured becuase they are in the kitchen making us eggs)
What channel do you think we've been watching all day?
ABC family
SOAP net
Fox Reality
pollcode.com free polls


get better soon, mom!

tomorrow morning my mom gets her hip replaced by this awesome dude. Knowing her, she'll probably be skiing again by tomorrow afternoon..
and jenn and buster


The new Buzz on Facebook

Some of you have been lucky enough to meet my sister Alessandra. If you have, you know that she is an endless source of magic and entertainment.
This evening she gave me shit that I no longer blog and she's actually right (rare). So, I decided to turn over a new leaf in an effort to inspire my virtual creativity. I changed my Facebook photo.

RIP Boytoy. (you handsome devil)
Hello Busty. (who barfed on me twice today)

like mother like son part 2

***leroy received absolutely no help while getting into this position (serously)




i (finally) love snow!!!!!

i took jenns shoes this morning and it just changed everything! they make the snow the most fun thing ever. they don't teach us these kinds of tricks where i come from. we will be going sledding after work. woohoooooo.


Overheard in 52w14 #21

Me: Annie, you're so small.Annie: Wanna see my muffin top?


Fiesta, Island style

This past Tuesday, we had some folks over to celebrate the last season premiere of Lost. Since we're experts at Lost parties now, and familiar with all the offerings of The Island, we even had an epic feast.
Jeff found the Dharma Beer to be quite tasty.

Alex took a break from explaining time travel to everyone for an awkward group photo. Jerry Juice was amazed.
And Buster practiced looking like Annie in case he needs to take over her body in the future.


this little piggy didnt get any roast beef

Dear This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef,

I was so excited when I read that the Artichoke boys were opening a restaurant entirely dedicated to roast beef. I found out you opened two days ago and that you have a roast beef, au jous, and cheese whiz sandwich. I came to see you as soon as I could. I even went outside in 16 degree (feels like 9) weather. Why on earth were you closed on a sunday at 1pm??????? You just opened three days ago! Lucky for you, I'm willing to give you another chance. I plan on coming to see you again one night this week. Please don't let me down this time.

xmlns:og="http://opengraphprotocol.org/schema/" xmlns:fb="http://www.facebook.com/2008/fbml"> 52w14